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You’re ready to take action and give your home a fighting chance against wildfire. Use the checklist in the Wildfire Prepared Home Homeowner Guide to prepare your home, take the free home assessment to see if you are ready, and then apply for a Wildfire Prepared Home designation.


1. Confirm Eligibility & Take Required Actions

Anyone can use the mitigation checklist in the Homeowner Guide to improve their home’s resistance to wildfire. However, eligibility for a designation is limited at this time. Two simple questions will determine if your home can be designated.

Prepare your home with the checklist in the Homeowner Guide, which will guide you through everything you need to do before applying for a designation.



2. Apply for a Designation

If you’ve confirmed your home’s eligibility and taken the steps outlined in the Homeowner Guide, then you are ready to begin the application process:

  • Take the free online home assessment to see if your home meets the requirements for a designation before you apply and pay for an inspection.
  • If your home qualifies, you will be prompted to enter your contact information, home address, and payment details.

3. Get an Inspection

Once you have applied for a designation, a third-party inspector will visit your home to verify and document the designation requirements have been met correctly, and to determine which designation you may qualify for—Wildfire Prepared Home or Wildfire Prepared Home Plus. For the visit, leave fences open and pets inside so the inspector has proper access to the property.

Your initial $125 fee will cover a physical inspection, documentation and a review. It is crucial that you use the Wildfire Prepared Home Homeowner Guide to identify and take the necessary steps to ensure your home meets all the requirements of the program before beginning the application process.


4. Achieve Designation

A team of wildfire experts will review the documentation provided by the third-party inspector before a designation is issued.
Once your designation has been processed, you will receive an email notification that the designation certificate is available in the online portal.


5. Submit Annual Landscape Review

Because ongoing upkeep of the 0-5-foot home ignition zone and defensible space is crucial for effective wildfire mitigation, each year you are required to submit photos of your yard to verify it is being maintained according to the Wildfire Prepared Home standard.   


6. Apply for Re-Designation

A Wildfire Prepared Home designation must be renewed every 3 years. A new physical inspection will be completed to ensure the home continues to meet the requirements of the Wildfire Prepared Home standard.

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