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You’re ready to take action and give your home a fighting chance against wildfire. Use the checklist in the Wildfire Prepared Home Homeowner Guide to prepare your home, take the free home assessment to see if you are ready, and then apply for a Wildfire Prepared Home designation.


1. Prepare Your Home

View/Download the Homeowner Guide (pdf) and complete the checklist of mitigation actions required before applying for a designation.

Note: To achieve a Base designation, you must take all actions required for that designation. To achieve a Plus designation, you will need to complete all Base level and all Plus level mitigation actions.

Need help with your home/property? Use our Homeowner Assistance page to find resources available in your area.

2. Apply for Designation

  • Take the free online home assessment:
    • to see if your home meets the requirements for a designation before you apply and pay for an inspection. If you are ready for an inspection, an email will be sent with an application code you will need to enter to apply.
    • Note: You can bypass this step, if you have been provided an application code from a strategic partner.
  • Create an account:
    • Click LOGIN|CREATE ACCOUNT (located in the upper right of your screen)
    • Enter:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Mobile Phone
      • Email
      • Password
  • Confirm your email:
    • An email will be sent to you to confirm your email address is valid. Click the link to confirm your email. The link will open a new tab confirming your email and provide a login button/link. Note: Check your spam folder if you don’t receive the email within a couple of minutes.
  • Log in to your account and click Apply for Designation.
  • Submit application by gathering the following information:
    • Application Code
      • If you DO have a code, click yes to enter your code. You will find the application code in your email that you received after taking the free home assessment.
      • If you DO NOT have a code, click no and you will be guided to take the free online Home Assessment. At the end of the assessment, enter your email to reveal your results and an application code will be emailed to you. We want to ensure (before paying) that you are ready for an inspection.
    • Home Information
      • Estimated Age of Roof
      • Year Built
      • Address
      • Is property located in a gated community?
      • Payment Info

3. Get Inspection

  • A third-party inspector will visit your home to verify and document the designation requirements and determine which designation you may qualify for—Wildfire Prepared Home or Wildfire Prepared Home Plus.
  • An inspection is usually completed within 30 days (4-6 weeks in more rural areas).
    • You do not need to be present during the inspection. Please ensure the inspector has access to the full exterior of the property, including any fenced in areas.
    • If you live in a gated neighborhood or property or you’re in a more rural area, the inspector will reach out in advance to confirm access.

Note: Inactive accounts will be archived after 90 days


4. Achieve Designation

  • Wildfire experts will review the third-party inspection report and photo documentation before a designation is issued.
    • If any of the steps have been overlooked or not completed as required to achieve a designation, you will receive an email with a list of outstanding actions.
    • Once you address these outstanding items, take/upload photos and reply to the email with the documentation.
  • Once your designation is processed you will receive an email notification that the designation certificate is available in the online portal.
  • Submit this certificate to your insurance agent.


5. Submit Annual Landscape Review

Because ongoing upkeep of the 0-5-foot home ignition zone and defensible space is crucial for effective wildfire mitigation, each year you are required to submit photos of your yard to verify it is being maintained according to the Wildfire Prepared Home standard.   


6. Apply for Re-Designation

A Wildfire Prepared Home designation must be renewed every 3 years. A new physical inspection will be completed to ensure the home continues to meet the requirements of the Wildfire Prepared Home standard.

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